About Us

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Vimba security services known as vimba is an security company that is owned by a energetic, ambitious hard working entrepreneur with experience the private security industry which he has seen an opportunity in this industry and wanting to improve the safety and security of the country as well as protect the assets of its clients, the directors of vimba security have experience in the security industry. Vimba security serves both the small and big companies by providing affordable, unique and excellent services our target market is very one who is looking for such service that we offer.vimba security has its own unique strategies to keep its clients at peace at all times.

To become the most secure and leading security company in this industry

* To keep our clients satisfied and safe at all times * To provide our clients with the most professional service and stay loyal to them. * To never priorities with the safety and wellbeing of our clients







525 600


Our Security Officer Grades

Grade A

* Armed response *Armed Guard *Unarmed Guard

Grade B

*Armed Guard *Unarmed Guard

Grade C

*Armed Guard *Unarmed Guard

Grade D

*Armed Guard *Unarmed Guard

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